Hospice Myths vs Facts

  • Myth #1:

    Hospice is only for patients who have given up hope and are close to death.

  • Fact:

    Hospice is about living life as fully as possible. In fact, patients and families receive the greatest benefit when hospice care is started early.

  • Myth #2:

    Hospice is only for cancer patients.

  • Fact:

    A large number of hospice patients have a diagnosis other than cancer, such as cardiovascular or chronic lung diseases.

  • Myth #3:

    Hospice is only for the sick family member.

  • Fact:

    The focus of hospice is not only on medical care, but also on the emotional, social and spiritual needs of the entire family. We assist family members and caregivers during the illness and offer bereavement support during the thirteen months following death.

  • Myth #4:

    If you choose hospice, you have to leave your home

  • Fact:

    A common myth is that you must "go to hospice" but hospice care can often times be administered at home. In fact, most hospice patients tend to prefer receiving care at home.

  • Myth #5:

    Hospice Hastens Death.

  • Fact:

    Hospice care does NOT speed up death. In fact, those who employ hospice care may live longer than those who choose not to use hospice services.

  • Myth #6:

    Hospice is only used in the very last weeks of life.

  • Fact:

    Hospice care can begin when the patients physician gives a prognosis of six months or less if the disease follows the expected course. Hospice often provides such comfort and support that many outlive their expected prognosis.

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