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Hospice is neither a nursing home nor a hospital. It’s a way of caring that’s offered where the patient resides. For example, a nursing facility or an assisted living facility.

People facing life-limiting diseases benefit from this type of care. Hospice care is provided to those who seek quality and comfort in their final days. It is instead of pursuing curative treatment further.

Hospice care gives support to the patient and family. And, it also manages pain and discomfort helping one to enjoy life independently.

Hospice care’s primary goal is to make the life of a patient pain-free and comfortable.

Nurses offering hospice care are proficient in symptom and pain management. In addition, they ensure comfort through counseling, various therapies, and interventions. They work closely with the physician, the patient, and his/her family.

Not at all! To clarify, Hospice is a different way of hoping and looking forward to.

Hospice care shifts the focus from ‘curing the disease’ and focuses more on ‘managing its symptoms’. Certainly, it helps one concentrate on what’s meaningful in life and have goals to enjoy every single day.

The right time for hospice is as early as possible in the illness, before one needs the care. A better understanding of it can give more choices in the patient’s care.

Anyone can refer to hospice. Once you refer, our hospice agency will work with the patient’s physician for coordinating the specialized care.

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